Why The French Press Is The Perfect Way To Make Coffee at Home

I have travelled all over the world and something that I have learned along the way, is the importance of great coffee. I have to be honest, I was always a tea drinker but good tea is hard to find and as I went from country to country, I unlocked the potential of rich and beautiful tasting coffee.

When I am at home, I like to try and make the best coffee that I can for myself and this is why I invested in a French press coffee maker, a real game changer in terms of how you make coffee at home. If you don’t know what a coffee press is, or whey should use one, here are my reasons for doing so.

What Is It?

A coffee press is basically a glass jug which has a lid that features a plunger with a filter attached. The idea is that you fill the jug with some freshly ground coffee and some hot water, and then when the coffee has been brewed to your liking, you plunge the filter down and then serve up some tasty coffee.

Why French Press is The Best

Now, I have many reasons why I believe that making a coffee using a French press is the best way of doing things. Initially I should focus of course on the flavor and the truth is that there is no machine or instant granules out there, which can even come close to matching the flavor of the French press. Secondly, I love that the press gives you the chance to brew you coffee for a longer period of time, as someone who likes their coffee strong, this is a great benefit. Finally, I love the fact that these presses can last for life and you don’t need to constantly keep changing the filter or the piece itself, I can’t tell you how many coffee machines I have gone through as a result of components failing on me.

Any Other Benefits?

Taste is of course one of the best benefits to making coffee using a French press but there are some additional benefits too. These coffee makers add a real touch of class when you are brewing coffee and this will come in very handy if you are making coffee for someone else. Instead of simply turning up with a piping cup of coffee, arriving with an unplunged French press gives a very impressive air to serving coffee. In fact just last week I had a dinner party and the French press became a hot topic of conversation. Another benefit that I enjoy is that the coffee stays really hot in the press which means you can go back for seconds, without having to make a cup of coffee all over again.

If you love coffee as much as me, and want to replicate the best coffee out there, in the comfort of your own home, make sure that you get out and buy a French press for your home.