What is flashpacking?

I am sure that many of you have heard the phrase flashpacking in the travel world over the last few years, but many people still don’t know exactly what t means. Backpacking has always been around but now there’s a new for of that travel which is proving to be extremely popular indeed.

So what is flashpacking? I hear you say. Well today we’re going to lay it all out for you, I’m sure it will be a way of travelling that might just take your fancy.

Flashpacking is essentially a way of backpacking that has been modified. I’d say that these days I am very much in the flash packer team, but of course I do like to dip my toe back in to the backpacking world from time to time. Flash packer travel is a more luxurious way of travelling to backpacking, you don’t watch every single dollar that you spend and you get to treat yourself every now and then. Flashpackers tend to be people that due to their age have a larger income, work remotely, and have the luxury of being able to make good money wherever they are in the world.

The origins

Flashpacking has been around for about 5-10 years now. Flashpackers are known as people that like to travel both individually and independently, but don’t want to go without some essential amenities. If I take myself as an example, my time is more valuable to me than money, so I don’t want to be trying to save money taking buses when a flight can get me there much faster. I would say that a large number of freelancers and digital nomads helped to create this term, because they usually travel with high tech equipment and like to stay in a comfortable place where they can work.

Flash Packer Features

  • They are usually older than the backpacking crowd
  • They have a steady flow of income and/or savings
  • The budget set for their travels is definitely higher and not as strict as backpackers
  • They will be carrying some high tech equipment; cameras, drones, mac books, I Phones, smart watches, expensive travel gear and top of the range travel accessories
  • They will not be staying in a $2 a night dorm. In fact they will always have their own room in a hotel/guesthouse that is quite luxurious
  • They have more money to make more use of their time. They spend more money so that they have more time to explore

Flash packers are essentially people that still want a bit of adventure but want to be able to kick back and relax in luxury, eat great meals and not have to stress about anything.

Have you been flashpacking or are you planning to? Maybe you have an opinion on this type of travel, good or bad that you’d like to share? All you have to do is put your thoughts, experiences and musings in the comment section below this article. I am pretty sure there’s going to be a good debate on this one! Thanks for reading guys and girls.