Meet guy

I’m Guy, from Canada, and I always thought I had missed my chance to travel. 21 years old, didn’t travel. 25, started thinking about it, still didn’t. But when the big 3-0 came along, this was my time. Car sold, job quit, backpacking but on not such a tight budget. It’s my time to shine!

I left Ontario just shy of 2 years ago, that’s almost 700 days on the road, and I’m still here.  So sure, maybe I missed that cheap backpacking vibe, but you know what? This suits me better. Sure, now and again I end up in a hostel but a dorm? Not for me. Now when I’m in Tokyo, I can afford a nice sushi dinner, in London a night on the town is well within reach. And I feel good about it.

If you haven’t heard of ‘flashpacking’ i hope now you’re starting to get a grasp of it – backpacking but a bit flashier! Nice camera. Check. Newest iPhone. Check. AirBnB apartment. Booked. Let’s do it!

I’m hoping my blog is here to represent everything who thought they missed their chance to travel. It’s never too late, not at 30, not at 40, not at 50. I’m still making it up as I go along, and you can too. Join me!