Hostels at 30? Is it doable?

Staying in hostels at 30 is more than doable these days; I would definitely encourage anyone that’s 30 or over to do it.

I was recently travelling through Europe and I only stayed in hostels. I had such a great experience and I am so glad I did it, I now have no problem 100% recommending hostels to people over 30. I will be hitting the road with my mum soon; we’ll be staying in hostels together for the whole of our trip. She’s in her late 50s, so if she can do it any of you younger will find it an absolute breeze.

For any of you 30 year olds out there reading this that turn their noses up at the idea of staying in a hostel again, here are 3 things what will change your mind.

They’re not what they used to be

When I thought of hostels I would think of dark, dingy, run down buildings that you’d find down a back alley. Nowadays that couldn’t be further from the truth. Have you heard of flash packers? Well, flash pack hostels are where you’ll find those guys. Now you can expect to find a great bar, fast Wi-Fi, comfy beds and everything else you need to feel comfortable.

Some hostels can even be more expensive than local hotels because they’ve become so good. I even stayed at one that had a rooftop pool!

People like you are staying there

Don’t surprised if you check into a hostel and you find that most of the customers staying there are around your age or older. An increasing number of people in their 30s are out there travelling the world and they choose to stay at hostels. Most of the time they are cheaper, most of the time, than hotels. So this means you’ll get to chat to people you have something in common with and you may even find people to travel with also. New friends are there waiting to be discovered.

Get the excitement back

There’s something that feels like adventure again when you stay in a hostel. Sure, they are more comfortable now but we need that because we’re 30! You get to feel like you’re really backpacking again but have the amenities you need to relax when you’re back at your hostel. You’ll also meet cool people who will be going on cool adventures, meeting people who are exploring different places will force you to also, and it’ll definitely bring back the excitement. When we’re 30 we usually want all the authenticity of travel but not so rough and ready, modern hostels give that to you.

When was the last time you stayed in a hostel? I would love to hear all about your experiences and especially the exact hostel that you stayed in. Help me to convince others out there that hostels are amazing – in 2017 hostels really are amazing! Put your thoughts and musings down in the comment section below this article, I’m looking forward to reading everything you have to say.